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Web Page Advertising

Directory Listing
(name, address, phone, fax, e-mail)
Link to Home Page
$49.00 per month per page outside txlaw.org;
free inside txlaw.org.
Individual Web Pages $35.00 per month per page
Private Domains
Unlimited pages (up to 20 mg)
$79 per month
Billboards $15.00 per 1% of exposures on front page
Classified Ads $4 per line per month; up to 40 characters per line

Prices are for one month. Terms subject to change at any time without notice. Ten (10) percent discount for pre-payment of one year contract. VISA, MasterCard and Discover Cards, only.

Additional Services

For additional information about our advertising rates, or consultation concerning web page preparation, contact editor@txlaw.org, or Telephone: 903-463-3364 (Eric Weisberg, Editor, or Diana Limbacher, Asst. Editor).

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